Apple has removed Print to PDF, a great little app that allowed you to 'print' documents as a PDF with Apple's AirPrint feature in iOS, from the App Store. TiPb featured Print to PDF in a recent App for That post, so we're sad to see it go.

Enrique Rodriquez from the Print to PDF team has released the following statement:

We regret to inform you that as of August 26th, 'Print to PDF' is no longer available on the Apple App Store. On August 24th, we received a call from Apple Developer Relations telling us that we are not allowed to use AirPrint as a way to print documents to PDF and that for this reason the app could no longer be available on the App Store.

He goes on to express his surprise because Apple had approved many different versions of the app - so why did they suddenly change their mind?

Only Apple knows that answer to that question, but I'm hoping this means that Apple is planning to include this functionality in a future version of iOS. What's your theory?

If you currently have Print to PDF installed on your iPhone or iPad, it will continue to run just fine (don't delete it!), but, unfortunately, you will not be seeing any future updates for it.