Notes of interest from Apple's Q2 2012 conference call

Apple held their Q1 2012 conference call today and announced a ton of figures pertaining to revenue, profit, sales, and more. So in case you just want to run the math, here's our quarterly take, [by the numbers.(


  • $97.6 billion cash on hand
  • $64 billion of cash on hand is off shore
  • $17.5 billion in cashflow

That's a lot of money. That's more money than most countries and other companies. Combined.


  • $46.33 billion in revenue - 73% growth
  • iPhone revenue was $24.4 billion including accessories - 133% growth
  • iPad revenue was $9.1 billion including accessories 99% growth
  • iTunes revenue was $1.7 billion

The amount of revenue accounted for by the iPhone, especially as a percentage of total, is staggering. And it didn't exist 5 years ago.


  • 37.04 million iPhones sold - 128% growth
  • 15.43 million iPads sold - 111% increase
  • 15.4 million iPods sold - down from 19 million last year
  • 7.7 million iPod touch's sold - 50% of total iPod sales
  • 315 cumulative iOS device sales. 62 million last quarter.

The iPad has surpassed the iPod. And remember when we used to ask if the iPhone would ever sell more than 10 million units in a month? It's a staggering amount of devices now.

iTunes, App Store, iCloud

  • 140 million iTunes downloads
  • 550,000 App Store apps
  • 170,000 iPad specific apps
  • 85 million iCloud customers.

I cloud is Apple's strategy for the next 10 years and, according to Apple, 170,000 iPad specific apps is almost 170,000 more than competing platforms.


  • 1.5 million iPads in use in education
  • 600,000 copies iTunes Author
  • 3 million copies of iTunes U downloaded

1.5 million seems like a drop in the bucket; look for the latter two bullet points to start moving the first upwards.

Retail Stores

  • 358 stores open. $17.1 million average per store - 43% growth
  • 4 new stores including Grand Central
  • 45% increase in visitors
  • 22,000 visitors per store, per week on average.

Most Genius Bars are now busier than real bars.