The new HIG, part of the Apple Watch developer center, is now even easer to navigate. Sections are broken down into 5 major categories, each containing guidelines and suggestions for how to utilize different aspects of the watch during app development. The UI Elements section, for example, breaks down a ton of different guidelines and suggestions for ways to incorporate everything from images and labels, to switches and sliders in your app. Along the way, there are ample example photos to get you started.

Apple relaunches Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines page with new resources

Also included in the relaunch are some new resources for developers to take advantage of. In the resources section, Apple provides a number of Photoshop and Sketch templates, along with a download of the San Francisco font to help you get started with designing your app.

If you're a developer looking for some extra resources for building your Apple Watch app, you can hit up the source link below to check out Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.

Source: Apple

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