Apple releases new All on iPad commercial

Apple has launched another new iPad commercial, this one called "All on iPad" and once again focusing on the many things you can do with the many different apps available for iPad. The ad copy says:

Read it. tweet it. Be surprised. Be productive. Make a sale. Make some lunch. Make it movie night. Play a game. Or an old favorite. Do it all more beautifully with the Retina display on iPad.

And the description:

From reading a magazine to helping your business run smoothly, you can do just about anything on iPad. And with Retina display, it's all more beautiful than ever.

It showcases someone reading an article on Jamaica, tweeting from Safari, engaging in a FaceTime call, working on a Keynote, using Square for a transaction, checking out recipes, watching a video via AirPlay to an Apple TV and HDTV, playing Real Racing 2 HD, listening to Coltrane, and editing photos in iPhoto.

It's another solid, product and "what you can do with it" spot from Apple, and keeps up their long-going iPad theme of it not being about the technology, but the delight and value of using it. Which makes it a stark contrast from Apple's new, star-study iPhone Siri ads, and Genius-charicature Apple Store ads.

Check it out and let me know -- which type of ad do you prefer?