Apple releases second watchOS 2 beta to developers

Apple has released the second developer beta for watchOS 2. It can be downloaded right now through the Apple Watch companion app in the most recent iOS 9 beta. In addition to the iOS 9 beta, developers will need to have already downloaded and installed the watchOS 2 configuration profile. The latest version of that can be downloaded from Apple's watchOS resources site.

watchOS 2 will arrive later this year, and will bring with it a number of improvements for the Apple Watch. Developers will be able to write apps that run natively on the watch, and take advantage of more of its hardware. Developers will also be able to build their own complications for watch faces that support that feature.

Update: According to several reports on Twitter, Apple seems to have pulled the watchOS 2 beta, halting the rollout. Things should resume shortly after Apple fixes whatever caused them to pull the update.

Update 2: It looks like Apple has sorted out whatever went wrong with the initial release, and watchOS 2 beta 2 is once again available for developers to download.