Apple removes Secret from Brazil's App Store following court ruling

Apple has removed anonymous social network Secret from the Brazilian App Store, following a preliminary injunction by a court in the country. A Brazilian court ordered the app removed following a ruling that Secret was in violation of Brazil's free speech laws. While the removal from the store was part of the preliminary injunction, court has also asked Apple, along with Google and Microsoft, to remotely wipe the apps from user's phones.

From CenárioMT (translated):

In addition to determining the suspension of the application, the court also ruled that companies must also remotely remove those applications from smartphones of people who have already installed them. This was also a request from the MP-ES, signed into action by the prosecutor Marcelo Zenkner. The court has fixed fine of £20,000 for each day of noncompliance.

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Source: CenárioMT, via GigaOM