Details on the reported acquisition are light, but the value of the deal was pegged at $20 million, as reported by CNBC:

According to its website, LinX specializes in creating camera sensors that take advantage of multi-aperture imaging technology, with the goal of bringing improved performance across the board:

Utilizing state-of-the-art multi aperture imaging technology that combines innovative image processing, advanced sensor and optics technology, our cameras set new standards for image quality parameters such as low light performance, HDR, refocusing, color fidelity, shutter lag and more.

LinX cameras are significantly smaller than any camera on the market today, leading the way to DSLR performance in slim handsets.

Additionally, LinX says that its sensors also capture depth information in a scene, allowing for users to refocus a picture after it has been taken. We've seen such a thing in action before with technologies such as Intel's RealSense 3D depth camera, which takes advantage of a three-camera setup on the back of a device to provide the necessary depth information. However, from its description, it sounds like LinX's solution packages the camera sensors into a much smaller form factor.

Of course, nothing is official until we get a firm confirmation from Apple. However, if true, this this wouldn't be Apple's first acquisition of an Israel-based company, with a previous acquisition leading to the addition of TouchID tech on the iPhone 5S — so there's a chance we could see some interesting camera tech on a future iPhone.

Sources: CNBC (Twitter), LinX Imaging