Apple reportedly asked for $5 - $15 per device to settle Android patent dispute

Rumor has it that Apple had offered a settlement with an unnamed smartphone manufacturer to license patents for $5 - $15 per device (which worked out to 1% - 2.5% of the total device price). Apple is making ground in its ongoing patent battle with Motorola, but apparently head-to-head litigation isn't the only route they're willing to take.

This goes pretty distinctly against Steve Jobs' desire to crush competitors that are trying to copy Apple's work.  With new leadership in the house, however, maybe that draconian approach has subsided. Some sources had clarified that Apple still isn't going to be licensing out to all of the competitors, nor are they trying to get into the royalty business - Apple's making plenty of money as is, after all. They did settle with Nokia, however, and have discussed deals with others.

Should Apple play nice and license their patents? Maybe it would cut down on other manufacturers suing them if there was an amount of mutual goodwill, but unless they're cornered and out of options, Apple tends to go at things on their own - competition be damned. Any guesses as to who Apple might be willing to offer licensing deals to? Would any of the big Android manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola or HTC be off the table?

Source: Dow Jones