Apple reportedly backs off of $7.99 pricing model for upcoming subscription music service

This comes in the wake of news earlier this month that Apple was pursuing a price of $7.99 per month for the streaming service — $2 cheaper than rival Spotify's premium tier.

The cause for the the shift is reportedly pushback from record labels. Billboard reports:

Negotiations for Apple's upcoming subscription service are evidence labels are standing firm on pricing. Industry sources say Apple has backed down from its effort to lower monthly pricing for its subscription service to $7.99 from $9.99. Apple would have to absorb the loss if it sets a price lower than the standard $9.99.

In addition to the pricing news, it was reported last week that Apple has no plans to offer a free tier for the streaming service, but iTunes Radio will remain intact.

Last week, it was also reported that Apple is eyeing sometime around WWDC 2015 to take the wraps off of its streaming service, which will integrate the functionality of the current Beats app with the iOS Music app. While a more specific timeframe isn't yet available, the same report said that the service may be bundled in an iOS 8.4 update.

In any event, we likely still have a while before a subscription music streaming service from Apple hits the scene, so plans are still up in the air, and will likely change in between now and its launch.

Source: Billboard