According to a new report, big changes may be coming to Apple Store training sessions with the elimination of Apple's $99 "One to One" tutoring program. The program, which is currently offered to customers as a way to get on-on-one training sessions from Apple Store employees on using their Mac, iPhone, or iPad, will reportedly be replaced by a greater number of free workshops. From MacRumors:

Apple is planning to fold its One to One service into free open workshops, amid some larger changes being made to Apple's teaching methods. In the near future, workshops will be restructured around themes like "Discover" and "Create," and will be more accessible on Apple's main website.

In other Apple Store news, 9to5Mac reports that Smart Signs in Apple Stores are due for a change as well, with a new app on Macs, iPhones, and iPads displaying pricing information:

A new app for reading Mac hardware prices, capabilities, and comparing models will be loaded up onto showroom units. The app will be positioned on the left side of the Mac dock and will be fully interactive, like the former Smart Signs. There will be an option to call over an Apple Store employee, like the Smart Signs. As for iOS devices, a similar app will be placed on the Home screens of iPads and iPhones in the stores.

The report goes on to mention that the new apps will be promoted in Apple Stores across the globe starting this Wednesday, August 26.

Sources: MacRumors, 9to5Mac