Apple to reportedly drop appointment requirement for Apple Watch try-ons

According to a new report, Apple is dropping the requirement for customers to make appointments to try on the Apple Watch in-store. The appointment requirement will reportedly be dropped starting this week, streamlining the process for customers. From 9to5Mac:

For this week forward, Apple Stores are speeding up the try-on process by dropping the former appointment requirement and not requiring potential customers to share their information with the store employee. Now, a customer can simply walk into an Apple Store and try on an Apple Watch without any delay, except if all of the Apple Watch try on areas are occupied by customers who arrived earlier.

We've seen Apple gradually open up the process of trying on and buying an Apple Watch over the last several months. The wearable originally started with online-only orders, but customers could book an appointment to try one on in Apple's retail stores. Since then, purchasing has become available at Apple Stores and Best Buy locations around the U.S. and Canada.

Source: 9to5Mac

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