Apple reportedly hard at work on making iOS much tougher to hack

According to a new report, Apple is already hard at work on creating new security measures to further protect iOS devices from the type of workaround at issue in the company's current dispute with the FBI. From The New York Times:

Apple engineers have already begun developing new security measures that would make it impossible for the government to break into a locked iPhone using methods similar to those now at the center of a court fight in California, according to people close to the company and security experts.

To recap, the FBI is currently asking Apple to create a backdoor that could help the government bypass passcode security features on an iPhone 5c used by one of the San Bernardino shooters. If the government succeeds in forcing Apple to create such software, the company's work on hardening the security of iOS devices could render those tools useless for accessing devices in the future.

Apple has been exceedingly vocal in its opposition to helping the government bypass the security features of iOS. CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly stated that creating a backdoor tool for the FBI in this one case has the potential to compromise the security of hundreds of millions of iPhones around the world. In a recent interview with ABC, Cook even went so far as to call the tool the FBI has requested the "software equivalent of cancer."

FBI vs. Apple