Apple reportedly hires dedicated enterprise sales force

It looks like Apple is eager to break further into the corporate world. Reuters is reporting today that, according to its sources, the tech giant has hired a dedicated sales team to round up potential clients. In addition, this sales team is reportedly working with several developers with enterprise experience to sell apps to corporations.

In terms of working with developers, Reuters says:

The iPhone maker has worked closely with a group of startups, including ServiceMax and PlanGrid, that already specialize in selling apps to corporate America. The two people familiar with the plans, but who could not speak publicly about them, say Apple is already in talks with other mobile enterprise developers to bring them into a more formal partnership.

Additionally, one Reuters' anonymous sources claims that ServiceMax has worked with Apple to co-host a number of marketing and sales dinners over the last year.

As far as courting corporations is concerned, Apple has reportedly been busy sending its sales team to speak with higher ups at various companies, and even has Citigroup in talks to sign on to whatever Cupertino is cooking up.

This news follows Apple's announcement earlier in the year of its partnership with IBM, which recently started bearing fruit in the form of AppleCare for Enterprise. It was expected that this partnership would blossom for both companies, but we hadn't seen much until recently. However, it looks like things are about to heat up for Apple in the enterprise sector if these sources are correct.

Source: Reuters