While Apple has reportedly been hoping for a WWDC debut for its long-rumored music service, several of the licensing deals for the service are still being hashed out. While some believe that Apple won't be able to secure the agreements in time, others have express confidence in Apple's ability to close a deal, according to Billboard:

A June launch is still attainable. One source notes Apple has been able to quickly secure licensing deals in the past. "If any company can pull it off, they can," the source tells Billboard, adding that "labels are more likely to play ball with them" because of Apple's track record of generating revenue for rights holders.

Apple's rumored service will reportedly include a revamped iTunes Radio, and is said to be priced at $9.99 per month. Apple is also rumored to be focusing efforts on exclusive album deals with certain high-profile artists.

Update: According to 9to5Mac, Apple is still planning to launch the service at WWDC. It will reportedly come as a part of iOS 8.4, which includes a new music app, and iTunes 12.2. Also on tap for WWDC: a new, more colorful version of Siri that takes after the version found on the Apple Watch.

Source: Billboard, 9to5Mac