There's been some anxiety among people who pre-ordered an Apple Watch for delivery on the first day of availability that a shipping delay or some other complication may arise that keeps the device from getting to them on time. Given it's a brand new product, and absent early shipment notification, that's certainly understandable. A new report, however, suggests no one has anything to worry about, and Apple Watches are indeed on their way for Friday delivery. MacRumors:

Apple Watch pre-orders are being sent to centralized distribution points across the United States as couriers prepare the shipments to be delivered ahead of the wrist-worn device's launch on April 24, according to a source for MacRumors that has provided accurate information in the past.

Apple Watch pre-orders began on April 10. The limited supply of the device meant that, although it was initially listed as available on April 24, shipping estimates quickly slipped to four to six weeks, with customers expecting delivery at some point in May. Estimates eventually slipped even further, with orders shipping sometime in June. Customers hoping to purchase a watch in an Apple Store will likely have to wait until June as well.

If you got an April 24 shipping date, let us know when your status changes to shipped!

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