Update: Never say never, but it sounds like no Home.app at WWDC 2015.

Apple is said to be working on a new app called Home, which could make its way to iOS 9, which would help users take advantage of their new HomeKit devices. The app could take the stage next month at WWDC, though it currently features only basic functionality, according to 9to5Mac:

The Home application is currently represented by a "house" glyph atop a dark yellow background, and is said to be "fairly basic" in its functionality, including:

  • Wirelessly discovering and setting up compatible HomeKit devices
  • Creating a virtual representation of rooms in the home to easily organize and connect HomeKit devices
  • Utilizing the Apple TV as a hub connecting all of the HomeKit devices
  • Offering a series of screens to help users find new HomeKit devices and apps

With the first HomeKit devices hitting store shelves next month, it's likely we'll also see a flood of accompanying applications to control them. While HomeKit allows people to use Siri to control their various rooms, having a single, unified application that allows us to connect to, control and visualize our smart appliances would be a nice addition for many users, even with just basic functions.

Source: 9to5Mac