Apple reportedly preparing new Mac Pro for spring release

An Apple reseller is claiming that Apple will begin shipping a new version of its Mac Pro line of desktops starting this spring. After a decision to discontinue the sale of the Mac Pro in the EU due to regulatory restrictions, many were worried that this was the end of the Mac Pro line. But France Systems claims that Apple has assured them that a new model, one that is probably be more compliant with new regulations, is on track for a spring release:

However, we believe that the judgment of the Mac Pro is temporary, Apple informs us that new Mac Pro will be released in spring 2013.

If this information proves accurate -- and it's a big if at this point -- worst case Apple provides a simple revision of existing hardware that falls in line with EU legal requirements. Best case, we finally get that all new Mac Pro we've been waiting years for.

While Apple doesn’t have a habit of leaking future product details, they confirmed last year that they were working on a new Mac Pro that would be released in 2013. It sounded at the time as though this new or updated product would arrive towards the end of 2013, but if this letter is accurate, that the new Mac Pro could be launched this spring.

As rumors go, it's incredibly thin, but Mac Pro lovers have had little to hang their hopes on as of late, so in this case, maybe something is better than nothing.

Either way, what kind of Mac Pro update would you like to see? Internals only, or is it long past time for a new casing as well?

Source: France Systems via Mac4Ever, MacGeneration, MacRumors