Apple is reportedly rolling out a new way for customers to try on the Apple Watch in its retail stores. Called Mobile Try-On, the new initiative is said to focus on demonstrating the watch in a more natural fashion than the current method, which keeps customers at a demo table.

Apple Store employees are apparently given Apple Watch demo units to wear around their store, showing it to customers occupying different sections, and demonstrating how an Apple Watch can make their overall iPhone experience better. The memo, obtained by 9to5Mac, details a few scenarios:

Now you can give customers browsing collections at the Display Table a hands-on experience of the Apple Watch in a simple, nature way, and then navigate to the Try-On Table. Take advantage of the paired iPhone to show how they work together.

In the Family Room, customers waiting for appointments can experience Apple Watch. Find out their favorite iPhone feature and show how the Watch can make it better, or show off Calendar events or text messages sent straight to their wrist.

Five specific features are said to be the focus of these mobile try-ons: watch face customization, sending a message with Siri, sending an audio message with iMessage, rearranging watch apps, and using the connection Glance to ping an iPhone.

It's interesting to watch Apple try a new method of demonstrating the Apple Watch to new customers. While the exisitng demonstration methods serve their purpose of introducing customers to watch features well, they do seem a bit sterile. Something with a more personal touch would be nice to see.

Source: 9to5Mac

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