Apple is reportedly stepping up its hires of artificial intelligence experts. In particular, the company is said to be looking for experts in machine learning, which helps computer systems use past experience to determine what a user will want next, which we've already seen some of in the company's public information about iOS 9.

From Reuters:

As part of its push, the company is currently trying to hire at least 86 more employees with expertise in the branch of artificial intelligence known as machine learning, according to a recent analysis of Apple job postings. The company has also stepped up its courtship of machine-learning PhD's, joining Google, Amazon, Facebook and others in a fierce contest, leading academics say.

With iOS 9, Apple will make its mobile operating system more proactive in anticipating the needs of its users, offering calendar events based on email items, suggested contacts at particular times of the day, and more. The new efforts will also expand the capabilities of Siri, Apple's virtual assistant.

Unlike other companies, Apple's intelligence efforts rely solely on information already on your iPhone or iPad, rather than pulling data from the cloud. Apple does this in order to ensure user privacy, but some raise concerns that this could put Apple at a competitive disadvantage to the likes of Google and Microsoft, who analyze user data on their servers in order to produce better results for everyone.

Source: Reuters