Apple reportedly in talks with content partners for new 'over-the-top' TV service

According to a new report, Apple may yet again be looking to step into the TV business. The tech giant is reportedly in talks with content owners that would could result in Apple providing bundles of programming to customers over the web.

The report comes via Re/code, which states:

The theory is that Apple would put together bundles of programming — but not the entire TV lineup that pay TV providers generally offer — and sell it directly to consumers, over the Web. That means Apple wouldn't be reinventing the way TV works today, but offering its own version of it, with its own interface and user experience.

Re/code also notes that its sources indicate that Apple has already shown off demos of the service to programmers in some capacity.

There have been rumors that Apple would try to break into the TV business for several years now, with new reports popping up every so often to stoke the fire. However, as Re/code notes, new services, such as Dish's recently launched Sling TV, have opened up a new path toward content deals with programmers that could actually make something like this happen. Further, Apple already has somewhat of a gateway into potential user's living rooms via its Apple TV box.

Source: Re/code