Apple could be announcing its new streaming music service later today at WWDC 2015, and that kind of content delivery will need some big network pipes to work properly. Apple is reportedly going to spend a lot of money so it can improve its internal network and data centers. According to Bloomberg's unnamed sources, Apple wants to own the network pipes that link its four large data centers in the US:

The effort includes long-haul pipes connecting Apple's data centers in California, Nevada, North Carolina and Oregon, and others to get content closer to Internet hubs in some densely populated markets, said three of the people. From there, content would be delivered to consumers via broadband connections and cell towers owned by cable and phone companies. Rather than buy off-the-shelf technology, the company has been working on ways to send data via fiber lines at hundreds of gigabits per second, according to one of the people.

Apple is also reportedly planning on designing its own networking hardware for its new data centers, rather than using hardware from companies such as HP, Cisco and others. Apple's hardware would be built by third-party manufacturers. The amount of money that would be needed to make these improvements will cost Apple "billions", according to the report. It would also help with the company's plans to launch its Internet TV service, which might happen later in 2015.

Source: Bloomberg