Apple Store employees get raise three months early

Apple retail employees will be getting salary increases June 30, a full three months ahead of the originally scheduled September date. The announcement was made by newly-appointed Senior VP of Apple Retail John Browett through an internal video. Raises will vary from 1% - 5%, depending on store performance, but this early advance is likely to be a one-time thing.

On the corporate side of Apple, it was recently announced that stockholding employees would be able to get dividend equivalents on their RSUs, so it's good to see the retail staff are getting a bit of a treat too.

With Tim Cook's formal appointment as Apple CEO last year, and Browett being brought on to replace former retail head, Ron Johnston, suggestions have been made that Apple's corporate culture is becoming more traditional. Regardless of which side you fall on that particular debate, combined with Apple's new charitable donations matching policy, it does seem like employees are being given more formal attention these days than they were in the past. (Though free iPhones back in 2007 were certainly a great bonus.)

It's interesting that the raise is being timed before the expected iPhone 5 launch this fall; one would think that a performance-based raise timed alongside a critical product release would help keep sales staff motivated to work extra hard, but maybe they're trying to reduce churn now so they'll be fully-staffed for the coming onslaught.

Given some of the doubts expressed following his hire, maybe Browett's just trying to establish some good will as he starts his position leading the Apple retail army.

Any Apple employees in the house excited about the salary bump? It's a fairly standard amount, but getting it early is nice. Would Apple be better to hold off on retail salary increases until the fall, or to do them earlier from here on in?

Source: 9to5Mac