Apple is to make a play for the currently Windows based business users in a new sales initiative according to reports. Retail Stores will now display a 27-inch iMac in their business section prepared with Parallels and Windows 8. From 9to5Mac:

Select Apple Retail employees will also be trained on the Parallels and Windows software, and special Parallels demos have been created for Apple Stores. The goal of this new initiative is to push employees to be able to show businesses that currently work on Windows that all purposes of Windows could either be replaced or used (with Parallels) on a Mac computer.

There's no denying that Windows still overwhelmingly controls the business market, and for many companies moving away completely and going to OS X would be expensive and impractical. Parallels isn't quite the same as running native Windows, but it's close enough for most purposes, and who wouldn't like to be staring at something like a 27-inch iMac all day at work instead of a generic looking Windows box? And, let's not forget that the MacBook Pro was judged to be the best performing Windows machine.

It's also a far cry from the Mac vs PC days, instead focusing on how Apple's hardware can work in tandem with Microsoft's operating system. Parallels isn't the only method of running Windows 8 on a Mac of course. More recent updates to Mountain Lion added better driver support for Boot Camp to install Windows 8 on a separate partition, but Parallels is possibly more consumer friendly.

Let me know what you think of this, though. Do you think this is a smart play from Apple to push business sales, or do you think they'd still be better served pushing the distinct strengths of the Mac as it sits?

Source: 9to5Mac