As the Apple ecosystem continues to grow, helping to get new iPhone and iPad developer up to speed as quickly and productively as possible is increasingly important to Apple. To help make this point ever so clear, Apple has just revamped their Getting Started guide for iOS developers.

While Apple has always made a concerted effort to make getting started on iOS development easy, the unveiling of their new development document called “Start Developing iOS Apps Today“ lays things out in a even more simplified, more elegant manner then in the past, and it looks pretty impressive.

The document is made available to all, so there is no need for a developer account to view the information. More importantly, the guide appears to be most suited for someone who is just starting out on iOS development as it triages some of the more complex or difficult concepts and sticks to the basics. It offers a concise general overview of what to expect, should you proceed to the next level.

Previous documentation posted by Apple always seemed rather daunting and, quite frankly, was overloaded with information that could potentially scare off developers by offering too much. This new document however, seems quite a change from that as it offers the basics and feels quite welcoming in the fact that it is beautifully laid out. If you're looking to get into iOS development, it should be your first stop in the process.

Source: Apple, via: TNW