During yesterday's Senate subcommittee hearing on location tracking, Apple was asked why they haven't pulled a number of DUI checkpoint apps like Fuzz Alert which notify users of nearby law-enforcement checkpoints.

Four U.S. Senators, including Sen. Charles Schumer, sent letters to Apple, Google and Research in Motion in March requesting that the companies remove apps notifying users of police sobriety checkpoints their respective application stores. Schumer raised the issue again at Tuesday's Senate subcommittee hearing on privacy.

VP of Software Technology Guy Tribble told senators that Apple is currently looking into the legality of these apps and would remove them from the App Store if they were deemed illegal. He also commented that these apps are only “publishing data that’s actually first published by the police department", to which Senator Charles Schumer responded claiming he was unaware of any police departments who published this information in realtime.

Apparently these DUI checkpoint apps have continued to anger senators after watching RIM pull similar apps from their App World while Apple and Google make sure it's actually warranted before pulling the trigger.

What's your take? Do you think DUI checkpoint apps should be allowed to remain in the App Store or should Apple get rid of them? Sound off in the comments below!