Earlier today we posted a story about Apple moving to replace the 30-pin dock connector with a new "micro dock" to save precious space in the next generation iPhone.

On one hand it's a bold move, dumping something everyone's familiar with for something new, which is very typically Apple. On the other hand, it's not dumping it for something really, truly new, like Palm-style inductive wireless charging.

While a lot of accessories would continue to work as long as they or Apple provided an adapter, some might not, and then you'd have to buy them again. And if you have a lot of accessories or even cables, it's either impractical to get an adapter for each one, or annoying to keep having to switch the adapter.

Rene laid out a good case for why Apple could be getting ready to pull the trigger on a smaller dock connector, so now we want to hear what you think about it. Do you want Apple to ditch the current dock? Pro or con or couldn't care less?