Moments ago Steve Jobs introduced Apple's new iMac line to the press, ending months of rumors and speculation. The new iMac scarcely differs in overall form of its predecessor, but sports a completely new enclosure designed from aluminum and glass, which gives the appearance of a Cinema Display on steroids.

As expected, Apple has axed the previously available 17" entry-level model and replaced it with a 20" unit starting at $1,199. A beefier midrange model is available for $1,499, with a 24" gut buster rounding out the high end at $1,799.

Overall it's a good looking product with credible specs, but I have to say I wasn't knocked out of my socks upon seeing this new design, though it probably looks sexier in person. But then again I am a "Pro" customer so the iMac isn't targetted towards my demographic anyway.