Apple rumored to have acquired music editing software developer Redmatica

Word has it that Apple has picked up an Italian developer called Redmatica, which makes Mac music editing software called Keymap Pro, among other products. Last night, Tim Cook mentioned that Apple doesn't tend to be particularly public with its acquisitions, so there's no official confirmation about the buy, but there are some pretty solid documents backing up the rumor from the Italian Communications Regulatory Authority.

Obviously Apple is looking to beef up their GarageBand team, which is good news for iOS fans that have spent a lot of time with the lightweight audio editor. Redmatica also produces software that imports audio to GarageBand for iOS from a Mac called GBSamplerManager. With it, your Mac can be used as a sample workstation for the iOS app, which includes editing waveforms, shuffling libraries, and importing EXS24 format audio (which is also used in Apple's Logic Studio).

The collaborative jam session update to GarageBand didn't particularly entice me, but the app has a solid following among casual and serious musicians alike. It seems like iMovie maintains the broadest appeal out of all of Apple's stand-alone iOS apps, but what's your favorite? Is there anything in particular that you would like to see added to GarageBand? Any used Redmatica's software in the past that can comment on its quality or features?

Source: TechCrunch