iPod Touch

The latest Apple rumors are indicating that the company is set to launch a new model of the iPod touch next week. According to the reports, a new variant will launch soon but there's little detail to go on in terms of specifications and/or features. MacRumors states the new device will be a modified version of the current 16GB iPod touch, but available at a more competitive price point.

The iPod touch is believed to have a rear-facing camera, something the current 16GB Touch model fails to support. Not only that, but the device will be priced $30 cheaper. This wouldn't be the first time Apple has offered cheaper entry versions of existing products this year. Just look at the new iMac, which undercuts the entry price of the range by $200.

It may seem odd that Apple is keeping the same storage space, but adding the rear shooter back in for an entry device, but technology has advanced since the fifth-generation iPod touch was released back in 2012. Would you be interested in picking up a new iPod touch without breaking the bank balance?

Source: Mac Rumors