Apple's long-rumored wearable — the iWatch — has been pegged for a September 9 launch alongside the long-rumored iPhone 6. The device is expected to be more than just a "smartwatch", however, with significant health and fitness integration with HealthKit.

John Paczkowski of Re/code also claims that we'll see HomeKit integration in the iWatch, allowing some manner of control of such connected devices.

Apple has managed to keep the iWatch tightly under wraps, unlike the unending leaks of the iPhone 6. What sort of form this Apple wearable it will take, when it will launch, how much it will cost, what all it will do, and event if it will actually be called the iWatch is still up in the air. As always, things aren't official until Apple says they are, and though September 9th is the expected launch date for the iPhone 6 and now the iWatch, even that hasn't yet been made official.

Source: Re/code