Apple is reportedly preparing to bring more of its content delivery in-house, with Akami, the third-party content delivery network (CDN) that Apple uses in conjunction with its own infrastructure, projecting lower combined revenue from its largest customers, one of which is Apple, with the other speculated to be either Microsoft of Facebook. Akami notes that this decline is due to its customers doing more of the work themselves.

From Business Insider:

"Over the last two years, our two largest customers in particular, comprise about 13% of Akamai's overall revenue. As we look ahead to 2016, we expect these two accounts to still be our largest media customers, and they will contribute about 6% of our overall revenue," Akamai CEO Tom Leighton said during its earnings call.

CDN providers like Akami have data centers all over the world, which are used by larger companies to distribute content to users at the fastest possible speed. Apple has been using its own CDN for a large percentage of its distribution already. A move like this would simply mean that Apple will perform more of the delivery work from now on, giving them even more control over how customers exerpience their products and services.

Source: Business Insider