Apple is said to be exploring the possibility of partnering with an established automaker for the manufacturing of its rumored "Apple Car," said to be known internally as Project Titan. While the company is apparently planning exactly how to use a large space in San Jose that it purchased last month, the company may be looking to work with another car maker in order to get the car out by 2020.

From AppleInsider:

A person with knowledge of Apple's secretive "Project Titan" revealed to AppleInsider this week that the company is currently facing problems as it plans out a manufacturing site for the anticipated "Apple Car." They said the company's timeframe, in which it would like to begin manufacturing within five years, may result in Apple seeking out a partnership with another, already-established player in the automotive space.

The San Jose facility will reportedly be used for testing the Project Titan vehicle, though it could also reportedly be used for manufacturing down the line. However, given that manufacturing and release of this project would be at least five years down the road, Apple would of course be investigating every possible avenue, adjusting as needed for as long as they can. It's a smart move to keep a partnership with an established automaker on the table.

Rumors of an Apple Car suggest that the company is exploring a self-driving electric vehicle. The company reportedly has a massive team working on the project, including a number of car hardware experts hired from around the auto industry.

Source: AppleInsider