Apple reportedly wants to offer local programming to a wide range of customers through their rumored subscription TV service. Local TV would differentiate Apple's service from other such web-based offerings. With programming like the local news, customers have more of an incentive to keep using Apple's product, rather than trying to get their service from multiple sources, or sticking with their cable subscription.

While local TV might make Apple's service appealing to more customers, and keep customer attention focused on the service, making the deals could prevent it from launching this fall, as Apple has reportedly been planning to do, according to Re/code:

That means that Apple may not be ready to launch a Web TV service in early fall, as it has told programmers it would like to do. Meanwhile, industry executives don't believe Apple has signed any TV programmers up for its service, which makes it unlikely that the company would announce its plans at its Worldwide Developers Conference, which kicks off June 8.

The deals are different because most broadcast TV networks don't own their local broadcast stations. That would mean that Apple has to make a deal with each station. While it's possible that Apple could wait to launch the service until they have local deals, it also seems likely that they could launch without local support, and add it later as agreements are reached.

Apple's TV service is reported to be priced somewhere between $20 and $40 per month. The company is also said to be poised to release new Apple TV hardware, with a debut in just over two weeks at WWDC 2015.

Source: Re/code