Apple sales in India estimated to be up 400% in 3 months

Apple's sales in India are reportedly up 400% in 3 months according to IDC estimates. India is one of those emerging markets, alongside Russia and Brazil, that Apple is keeping a very close eye on. While China has been grabbing a lot of the headlines, conference call time, iOS 6 feature list, and even a new operating segment of late, India may not be that far behind. Akanksha Prasad & Indu Nandakumar, writing for The Times of India report:

"Apple is doing what it did in China three or four years ago. They studied the market, learned consumer needs and suddenly went aggressive," said Jayanth Kolla, founder and partner at Convergence Catalyst, a telecom research firm. "From having about 30 people here six months ago, Apple India is now about 150-people strong."

The iPhone 5 is a premium phone with a premium price tag, however. And while an iPhone 4 is free on-contract in the U.S., it's still $450 off-contract, which makes buying it outright a tough proposition in emerging markets. Rumors of a less expensive iPhone aside, Apple it sounds like Apple is using an installment-based payment system to make the current iPhone lineup more accessible.

As Apple continues its efforts in China, and ramps up India and other regions, it'll be interesting to see how their strategy evolves and grows.

Apple reported their Q1 2013 earnings late last month. Anyone in India have perspective on the potential iPhone and iPad market?

Source: The Times of India via Fortune