Apple Music still being enjoyed by 79% of trail users

While a new survey had placed the number of users still listening with Apple Music at around 52%, Apple has now disputed that claim. The company has stated that 79% of customers that have signed up for the service's free trial are still using Apple Music, which still has a little over six weeks to go before anyone has to start paying for it.

From The Verge:

In a statement to the The Verge, Apple has denied the 48 percent retention rate, stating that 79 percent of users who have signed up for Apple Music are still using the service.

One of the primary issues about drawing conclusions from the initial survey is that it's only measuring U.S. consumers. Apple Music launched in over 100 countries, so measuring against one, even a market as important as the U.S., won't provide a whole picture. Additionally, the sample size for the survey was 5,000 people, less than .05% of the total Apple Music users base of 11 million people that the service gained in its first five weeks.

We'll get our first real look at how well Apple Music retains users when the first customers start paying for the service at the end of September.

Source: The Verge