Apple CarPlay

Apple has responded to a study published by the University of Utah, which found that Apple CarPlay could be up to four times more distracting than driving alone. In the response, Apple stated researchers at the university failed to test both Siri Eyes Free and CarPlay.

Utah University researchers previously found that Siri can mistake commands and carry out incorrect tasks, raising the workload of the driver considerably. According to data included in the most-recent Wall Street Journal report, this is unfortunately no different from other systems that car manufacturers are implementing into their vehicles.

However, Apple stands by its in-car solutions, arguing that the report failed to take into account the company's work on car-friendly versions of Siri.

CarPlay and Siri Eyes Free intuitively use your vehicle's native controls so you don't need to pick-up and look at your phone while driving. These experiences are tailored so you only have access to iPhone apps that are optimized for the car and make sense for an in-vehicle experience.

While Apple defends its voice command software for use in vehicles, it joins manufacturers and other software providers in agreement that voice systems have some way to go to really help solve an increasing problem – drivers becoming distracted by advanced technology.

Source: WSJ