A spokesperson for Apple has issued a short but direct statement that denies claims that the company will remove music artists from iTunes if they don't sign up for the upcoming Apple Music streaming service. The reports came from Brian Jonestown Massacre frontman Anton Newcombe in a series of Twitter messages, according to Rolling Stone:

"They said we want to stream your music free for three months," he began his tweets, collected in full at Fact. "I said what if I say no, and they said, 'We'll take your music off iTunes.' "

The magazine contacted Apple for comment:

Despite reports to the contrary, an Apple representative tells Rolling Stone that the company is not threatening to remove music from its iTunes Store by artists who do not sign up for its new streaming service Apple Music. "It will not be taken off," a spokesperson for the company says.

Apple plans to launch Apple Music on June 30 for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows.

Source: Rolling Stone

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