TiPb TV 1: Should you get an iPad or MacBook Air?

On the very first episode of TiPb TVt we joked about the 11 inch MacBook Air being more like an iPad pro, but deep inside Apple's secret labs they might be working on making it exactly that according to Japanese blog Macotakara

Few weeks ago, DigiTimes told that Apple to launch MacBook Air with Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt in June-July. And additionally, an anonymous source told more information, Apple already made test equipment of Thunderbolt MacBook Air driven by A5 processor.

According to this source who saw live A5 MacBook Air actually, this test machine performed better than expected.

While Apple has been big on taking iPad ideas "back to the Mac" this year, if true it would have to be a proof of concept. Because, as much as I love my iPad 2 for things like Infinity Blade, I quickly run back to my 11 inch MacBook Air to run Photoshop and other intensive apps. Having all that power in a tiny portable is still too good to give up, even if an Apple A5 MacBook Air would have 48 hours of battery life and other benefits.

That's assuming it would be running Mac OS X Lion, which they no doubt have experimented with on A5 (just as they experimented with earlier versions of Mac OS X on Intel back in the PowerPC days). If it's running iOS 5, then I have to wonder if it would have a touch screen, which is something Apple said they don't think works on a laptop.

What do you think? Do you want to add MacBooks to the A5 family? To the iOS family? Would it be the best of both worlds or the worst?