While it is not anything new to see Apple job postings, TechCrunch spotted a listing for iWork that stood out from the crowd. It was a year ago that Apple opened up iWork.com to beta testing. It allows the sharing of iWork documents, spreadsheets and presentations with anyone with access to a modern web browser, on a Mac or PC. On December 22nd Apple posted that they are seeking anApplications Engineer for the iWork team and they hint that more than just online sharing might be in store for iWork:

The Productivity team (i.e. iWork) is seeking an energetic, highly motivated software engineer in building a scalable rich internet application. The person will be part of the core development team and engage in an area from design to development of the software system.


blockquote>Besides exceptional programming skills and devotion to creating great software, we look for one or more of the following kinds of expertise or experience:

  • JavaScript language and browser technology – understanding from inside-out, or
  • Computer graphics – the mathematics, algorithms and programming, or
  • Experience developing scalable rich internet application, or
  • Experience developing presentation/collaboration or word processing projects

Reading this job listing one would get the impression Apple is looking to start a venture outside of the current iWork team, perhaps iWork in the cloud.

We haven't gotten a native iWork app for the iPhone or iPod touch yet. Would an HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript WebApp be a workable alternative? Would you want?