Apple is currently hiring and is in search of an iPhone OS platform security manager. What does the particular job consist of? Here is the low down:

The team is responsible for secure booting and installation of the OS, partitioning and hardening of security domains within the OS, cryptographic services, and risk analysis of security threats. The team is made up of a variety of security experts with backgrounds in system security and reverse engineering.

The more secure Apple makes the OS the harder it will become to find and use a particular exploit -- for good, like our beloved jailbreak, or for evil, like we've seen with computer viruses, malware, etc.

Now don't get us wrong, we are pretty sure that one person will not do away with our beloved jailbreak but this does raise some questions. Is Apple really concerned popular mobile devices will get attacked the way PCs do today? Or are they just done putting the practice of preventing jailbreaking (and the unlocking and app piracy that goes with it) on the back burner?

What do you think this may mean for the future of the jailbreak if anything? Sound off in the comments below!

[Job listing via Ars]