10 Million iPhone March

When Steve Jobs introduces the iPhone in 2007, Apple famously set their goal at selling 10 million units in 2008. They hit that goal in October. Now, in 2009, is it possible to imagine Apple selling that many iPhones in just one quarter?

Apple just reported 7.4 million iPhones sold in Q4 2009, and that wasn't even their traditionally best quarter, the holidays. Digitimes is now reporting that Apple has increased their orders to manufacturers Foxconn and Primax by 17-20%, and even then demand is expected to still outstrip supply until November. If they could meet that demand how close to 10 million could they get?

Likewise, as Canada and the UK roll out on multiple carriers, the US is still exclusive to AT&T. Were that to change next year, along with another new generation of iPhone, would 10 million be on the table?

The iPod, even in its decline, is still selling over 10 million a quarter for Apple. The iPhone doesn't have the family of models the iPod does (rumors of iPhone nano notwithstanding). Is that something Apple has to address first, or is the one-model-to-rule-them-all, with close to 100,000 apps, the formulae to stick with?

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