It appears that Apple has prematurely sent out some emails welcoming users to iCloud.

Welcome to iCloud. The Apple ID for your iCloud account is ____ and it's what you'll use to get your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and PC set up. Just follow these instructions and you'll be up and running in no time.

Once iCloud is set up, it stores your content and wirelessly pushes it to all your devices. For example, buy a song with iTunes on your computer, and it will appear on your iPod touch and iPad. When you snap a photo on your iPhone it will automatically be sent to your iPad. You can start creating a Pages document on your iPhone, and put the finishing touches on it from your iPad. There's no need to dock or sync to your computer. With iCloud, i just works.

We hope you enjoy using iCloud.

Unfortunately, the link to set up iCloud that Apple included in the email is not actually live, yet, which indicates that the email was sent prematurely.

iCloud is set to be released with iOS 5, the date of which is unknown. It is expected that Apple will announce an official release date during Tuesday's Let's talk iPhone event.

Source: AppleInsider