Apple plans to make use of services from four new advertising agencies to once again boost its marketing might. According to a report from AdAge, well-known agencies AKQA and Huge as well as lesser-known Area 17 and Kettle are soon to be picking up Apple as a client. The four new agencies join a stable of others which already work with Apple, including Profero, Rosetta and Traction, for digital media and advertising.

Adding new agencies isn't anything new, but the reasoning behind these new hires is a little more interesting given newly-released emails from Apple CMO Phil Schiller, which have come to light in the current Apple-Samsung trial. Schiller reportedly felt that Samsung was on a roll with its advertising after watching the big money pre-superbowl advertisements, indicating that it was frustrating as Apple struggled to get a good campaign going.

Apple has never been known for spending a drastic amount of money on advertising, particularly in relation to its sales numbers — spending $1.1 billion in the year leading up to September 2013, or just 0.65-percent of sales. Maybe taking on a few new agencies for new marketing campaigns will boost that number in 2014.

Source: AdAge