One of the bonuses of renewable energy is when you're producing more than you consume and are then able to sell excess energy back to the grid. This is what Apple intends to do with the new Campus. The company has set up its own energy subsidiary that will oversee selling excess electricity back to the grid that it generates.


As reported by 9to5Mac, the Cuppertino company has set up Apple Energy LLC. While it makes sense for Apple to look to sell any excess electricity it generates, the company may well be looking to branch out in the energy field, a likely prospect given how the Apple electric vehicle project is still under way. From the 9to5Mac reports:

"Currently, when private companies sell their excess power, they can only do so to energy companies – and they often (varies by state) have to sell at wholesale rates. What Apple seemingly could to do, however, is sell directly to end-users at market rates. In other words, get paid retail prices for its excess power. [...] Apple has told the FERC that it meets the legal criteria for selling electricity at market rates because it is not a major player in the energy business and thus has no power to influence electricity prices. It has requested permission begin within 60 days of its filing on 6th June."

It's not likely for Apple to become a major energy supplier in the U.S. or any other market, and this new development fits in with company plans when it comes to renewable energy and ensuring its sites are self-sustaining.

Update: Apple has also received approval to turn landfill gas into electricity. It has been reported that the company has been given the go-ahead to construct a landfill gas energy plant in North Carolina. More details can be found over on Hickory Record.