Apple has released a new holiday commercial called "Misunderstood" which seems to show a disenfranchised and disconnected young man lost in the periphery, and to his iPhone, as his family celebrates the holidays without him. In heartwarming fashion, however, it turns out there might just be more to this young man than meets the iMovie.

It's strong stuff, and the kind of "technology alone is not enough" advertising that Apple can do better than anybody. It also tells a story, and places Apple products in the center of people's lives, something they've struggled with at times over the last couple of years.

How it translates to television - whether Apple buys 90 second slots, or has one or more 30 seconds distillations - will be interesting to see, but overall it's great to see them nailing their focus this hard again.

Update: Apple has also posted the video from the commercial, dubbed "A Harris family holiday", and filmed entirely on an iPhone 5s.

Source: Apple