Apple has added a third new iPhone ad to its "If it's not an iPhone, it's not an iPhone" campaign, which launched last week with spots focused on integration and customer satisfaction. This one, called 'Amazing Apps' focuses on the App Store and all the incredible things it turns your iPhone into.

With over a million and a half of the best apps available, the App Store turns your iPhone into just about anything.

Amazing apps is also the name the App Store is using for it's current $0.99 app and game sale.

The ad calls the apps "hand-picked", "awe-inspiring", and "just plain surprising". "Hand-picked" is admittedly odd wording for the App Store review process, and the other superlatives are subjective, but there's no denying apps can turn the iPhone into almost anything. It's what lets the iPhone transcend being just a handset and makes it a highly portable computer.

There are echoes of a lot of previous campaigns here, going back to "App for That" in 2008. I prefer the recent "Shot on iPhone 6" campaign, which focuses not on the iPhone itself but on what people can do with it. Apple skewered remarkably human for a while with their previous advertising and these are more... atoms and pixels, data and downloads.

Hopefully they'll build back up to telling us the ongoing story of iPhone, because that's something super interesting.

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