Along with the new Plastic Perfected ad, Apple has debuted another ad extolling the virtues of the iPhone 5c. This one is called Designed Together.

The ad emphasizes how the design elements of iOS 7 combine with the colorful exterior of the iPhone 5c, using cues inspired by iOS 7's design language, like thin lines and lots of zoom effects. The multicolored new Photos icon recedes into the iPhone 5c's camera lens, for example, while the red exterior of an iPhone 5c dissolves into the Music icon, blending into the music controls of Control Center. Blue Messages dialogue bubbles match the color of the blue iPhone 5c, and so on.

Apple describes the new video on its official iTunes channel:

In the new iPhone 5c, color is more than just something you see. The hardware and software are designed together so you feel color throughout the entire experience.

The ad runs for 54 seconds, ending with a colorful array of iPhone 5cs in their Apple cases, then the logo for the new phone and the words "Coming soon. Case sold separately."

What do you think of the new ad? Does Apple do a good job of explaining the similarities between the iPhone 5c and iOS 7? Does it put the colorful plastic shell of the iPhone 5c in a different light? Let me know what you think in the comments.