Apple has just launched a new section of their iPad site called Life on iPad featuring the video of the same name they originally debuted last month during the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini event. Perhaps the best example of "technology alone is not enough" marketing Apple has employed since 2011. From Apple:

We designed iPad to be the best tool for all the things you do. But we never imagined where you'd end up taking it. Here are just a few stories.

In addition to the video, Life on iPad includes: balancing work at new heights (wind farm), finding the extra edge (skating), modern making of a vintage (winery), gearing up for the win (endurance racing), leading moves on Broadway (musical), new eyes for hands-on surgery (medicine).

This is how Apple originally figured out how to sell the iPad, and it's great to see them returning to it. Thinner, lighter, faster are all good things, but the stories of how it touches, enhances, and improves lives is what matters. Specs exist only to support features. What a tablet can do is meaningless. What you can do with it is everything.

It's great to see Apple bringing the experience fight again.

Source: Apple, thanks @GHRobson

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