Apple has released a pair of new commercials showing off the merits of 3D Touch and Live Photos on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

In an ad titled "Less Time," Apple highlights 3D Touch and how much time it can save on all of your little tasks throughout the day. Everything is covered from peeking at a website or video to shoe shopping. Apple even enlisted a little (humorous) help from actress Aubrey Plaza to show off how you can quickly check flight info from an email with 3D Touch. Just don't get too distracted.

The second ad (below) takes a look at Live Photos on the latest iPhones, briefly showing off some of the fun ways the feature can spice up ordinary pictures that you may take throughout the day. Though, as Apple points at the end of the ad, don't expect Live Photos to go so far as to take you on a trip through space and time.