OS X Yosemite Notification Center

Apple has today demonstrated some of the changes coming to its popular desktop operating system in an upcoming update called OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Utilizing WWDC as the company's stage for the announcements, Apple CEO Tim Cook also spoke about a new Notification Center, which includes numerous alterations to further improve the user experience compared to what's currently implemented. We're talking about a new today view, a variety of widgets, reminders and more.

Cook went into some detail about a new Today View, much like what's available in personal assistants and on smartphones, displaying tailored information for short glances. Whether you're interested in checking what events are upcoming in subscribed calendars, calculate a few simple sums, how stock markets are performing or what reminders you have set, it's all possible in the redesigned Notification Center. It's an interesting enhancement, which could mean the death of the dashboard as we know it today?

Apple is also looking to include support for widgets and apps from the App Store, providing consumers with more compatibility when downloading and installing various apps from vendors. Oh and Notification Center taps into the new dark theme, which looks awesome.

Stay tuned for more details from WWDC 2014. We're also intrigued to hear your thoughts on the alterations, so be sure to sound off below.